Protamine Monoclonal Antibodies
Protamine Monoclonal Antibodies
Hup1N, Hup2B and Hup1M anti-protamine monoclonal antibodies are provided as affinity purified reagents. Hup1N and Hup2B recognize and bind to protamine P1 and P2 molecules, respectively, from many types of mammals. Hup1M is selective for human protamine P1 only.
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Mammalian Protamines
Mammalian Protamines
Native and synthetic forms of the mammalian protamine P1 and P2 proteins are available
  • Native protamine molecules:
    • Protamine P1 as isolated from sperm (bull, boar, ram)
    • Protamine P1 isolated from sperm and then purified by HPLC (bull and hamster)
    • Protamine P1P2 Mix as isolated from sperm (hamster, stallion, and human)
  • Synthetic HPLC purified human and mouse protamines
If you are interested in protamines isolated from the sperm of a species other than those listed here, please contact us – we may be able to help.
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Protamine Epitopes
Protamine Epitopes
These synthetic peptides contain the protamine P1 and protamine P2 epitopes recognized by the antibodies Hup1N and Hup2B, respectively.
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